get product-category Descendants example

public FreeText getDecendants(ItemId _itemid)
    str Decendants;
    EcoResProductCategory ecoResProductCategory;
    EcoResCategory        ecoResCategory;

    EcoResCategory        ecoResCategoryAscendants;

    select firstOnly ecoResProductCategory

    select firstOnly ecoResCategory where ecoResCategory.RecId==ecoResProductCategory.Category;
    Decendants = ecoResCategory.Name;
    while select * from ecoResCategoryAscendants
            order by ecoResCategoryAscendants.NestedSetRight
                where   ecoResCategoryAscendants.CategoryHierarchy == EcoResCategory.CategoryHierarchy
                        && ecoResCategoryAscendants.NestedSetLeft  < EcoResCategory.NestedSetLeft
                        && ecoResCategoryAscendants.NestedSetRight > EcoResCategory.NestedSetRight
       Decendants = strFmt("%1-%2",ecoResCategoryAscendants.Name,Decendants);

    return Decendants;

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