get exchange rate example code

static void TIDF_ExchangeRate(Args _args)
    ExchangeRate     exchangeRate;
    ExchangeRateType ExchangeRateType; 
    ExchangeRateCurrencyPair exchangeRateCurrencyPair;
    real             exchRate;
    CurrencyCode fromCurrency  = "USD";
    CurrencyCode toCurrency    = "IDR";
    TransDate    transDate     = today();
    select firstonly exchangeRateCurrencyPair 
        exchangeRateCurrencyPair.ExchangeRateType == Ledger::find(Ledger::current()).TECFakturPajakAdjustExchangeRateType
    &&  exchangeRateCurrencyPair.FromCurrencyCode == fromCurrency 
    &&  exchangeRateCurrencyPair.ToCurrencyCode   == toCurrency;
    exchRate = exchangeRate::findByDate(exchangeRateCurrencyPair.RecId,transDate).ExchangeRate;

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