Print Query-Based SSRS via X++ example

code example :

public void PrintPenarikanBarang(TECTradeInId tradeInCode)
    SrsReportRunController                  reportRunController;
    Map                                     queryContracts;
    MapEnumerator                           mapEnum;
    Query                                   query;
    QueryBuildRange                         range;

    SrsReportDataContract                   contract;
    TECTradeInPenarikanBarangReportContract     rdpContract;

        reportRunController = new SrsReportRunController();
        reportRunController.parmReportName(ssrsReportStr(TECPenarikanBarangTradeIn ,Report));

        // Set printer settings (print to file, format, filename, etc).
        contract    = reportRunController.parmReportContract();

        rdpContract = contract.parmRdpContract() as TECTradeInPenarikanBarangReportContract;

        queryContracts = contract.parmQueryContracts();
        mapEnum = queryContracts.getEnumerator();
            query = mapEnum.currentValue();
            range = SysQuery::findOrCreateRange(query.dataSourceTable(tableNum(TECTradeInTable)),fieldNum(TECTradeInTable, TECTradeInCode));




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