Step by step deploying AX ListPage form to Enterprise portal

Listpage type form on ax can be deploy directly to enterprise portal.

And steps below show you how to do it :
1. Do incremental CIL first before deploy
2. On menu item display, right click on it and select deploy to EP and select module.

3. After deploy, AX will create two web object on AOT, WebUrls (Web -> Web Menu Items -> Web URLs) and Web Page Definition (Web -> Web Files -> Web Page Definition)

4. On Web Page Definitions properties “Module”, add submodule if you want to add this listpage on subModule on Enterprise portal , then right click on it select Deploy element.

5. On Web URLs properties URL , add submodule same as page definition (optional), then right click on it and select import page

6. Restart IIS

7. Clear AOT cache

8. To check the newly added custom webcontrol, just copy paste your Default Enterprise portal URLS (System Administration -> Setup -> Enterprise portal -> Websites) and webcontrol urls (from Web Urls Properties) to web browser.

default enterprise portal urls :

full urls on web browser :

another guide to add to quick launch sidebar :

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