Hello AX 7 !!


AX7 is becoming hot topic on several technical groups forum. The most epic changes is AX7 development now using Visual Studio and not using MorphX like the previous version of AX.

AX7 Development code still using x++ , but the ways of the developing is similar to .NET application development. And now it doesn’t need direct connection to AOS service and all the source code is saved as XML file on the project folder. But it still have the same AX layers model architecture.



The UI itself is Metro Style and beautiful. It doesn’t looks like an ERP and more like some mobile apps style. and from what i saw on the introduction video from Microsoft, it is Web Based now and the AX AOS hosted on IIS.

Enterprise portal has been removed on AX7. I personnaly agree with that. Customization on enterprise portal has been very painful and not efficient, you need to incremental CIl, deploying more than 1 object. and sometimes need to restart IIS and AOS for just displaying updated webpage.

anyway, Hello AX7 !!. and welcome to hellodax as new category.

full links on introduction video :

source screenshot :

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