Resume Workflow from x++ example code

example code :

static void TIDF_resumeWFOverTime(Args _args)
    WorkflowTrackingStatusTable WorkflowTrackingStatusTable;
    HrsOvertime                 hrsOverTime;
    while select WorkflowTrackingStatusTable 
        WorkflowTrackingStatusTable.TrackingStatus == WorkflowTrackingStatus::Faulted 
    && WorkflowTrackingStatusTable.WorkflowType == WorkflowTrackingStatusWorkflowType::Workflow
    && WorkflowTrackingStatusTable.ContextTableId == tableNum(HrsOvertime)
        //consistency check valid data
        select firstOnly hrsOverTime where hrsOverTime.RecId == WorkflowTrackingStatusTable.ContextRecId;

source :

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