Get purchase invoice id from packing slip trans (VendPackingSlipTrans)

static void ExampleJob(Args _args)
    VendPackingSlipTrans packingSlipTrans;
    VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch;
    vendInvoicetrans vendInvoiceTrans;

    select firstOnly packingSlipTrans where packingSlipTrans.RecId == 5637155083;

    select firstonly vendInvoiceTrans
    join VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch
        where VendInvoiceTrans.SourceDocumentLine == VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch.InvoiceSourceDocumentLIne
            && VendInvoicePackingSlipQuantityMatch.PackingSlipSourceDocumentLine == packingSlipTrans.SourceDocumentLine;



credited to : EYO

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