get filter value from grid

example code :

public void getQueryValue()
    QueryBuildRange range;
    int ct, i;

    ct = PMTRoutingTable_ds.queryRun().query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(PMTROutingTable)).rangeCount();

    for (i=1 ; i<=ct; i++)
        range = PMTRoutingTable_ds.queryRun().query().dataSourceTable(tablenum(PMTROutingTable)).range(i);
        info(strfmt('Range Field – %1, Value – %2',range.AOTname(),range.value()));

references :

error : “Target principal name is incorrect” when running SSRS AX 2012 R3

Example of the error :

In my case , the issue occurred because outdated *.AXC files (ax configuration files) in report server folder.  error cause is still unknown, my client not provided details on what changes they did in the ax server.

How to solve this issue :

  1. Create New AX Configuration Files, refresh WCF (using Refresh Configuration).


  1. Export it to a file and rename it to Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.ReportConfiguration


  1. then replace the file with new one in folder path C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS11.\Reporting Services\ReportServer\binCAPTURE1