error : “Target principal name is incorrect” when running SSRS AX 2012 R3

Example of the error :

In my case , the issue occurred because outdated *.AXC files (ax configuration files) in report server folder.  error cause is still unknown, my client not provided details on what changes they did in the ax server.

How to solve this issue :

  1. Create New AX Configuration Files, refresh WCF (using Refresh Configuration).


  1. Export it to a file and rename it to Microsoft.Dynamics.AX.ReportConfiguration


  1. then replace the file with new one in folder path C:\Program Files\Microsoft SQL Server\MSRS11.\Reporting Services\ReportServer\binCAPTURE1

Only foreign key constraints are allowed on this table.

Best Practice Error

Only foreign key constraints are allowed on this table


How to rectify this best practice error.

For Custom Table

  1. Export table to XPO
  2. Edit it with text editor, and change
    • from: EnforceFKRelation 1
    • to: EnforceFKRelation 0
  3. delete table in AX, synchronize
  4. import  xpo file


For Standard  Table

Some custom relation table may have some error on standard table, we can fix this  best practice error using same trick as above, but for this one lets check on XPO file and change REFERENCETYPE value.

  1. Export table to XPO
  2. Edit it with text editor, and change
  3. delete table in AX, synchronize
  4. import  xpo file


error : DNS Lookup Failed when open EP pages from another computer

Problem :


I tried to ping with Sharepoint Server IP and got response, but i cant ping with computer name. The EP itself is working fine if i open it on another computer that already joined domain.

temporary solution :
just go to drive “C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc”
on file “Hosts” , add

or you can set use IP on sharepoint at alternate access mapping menu :

error: Cannot create record. The Record already exists.

Problem :
Our client recently facing this error during creating any journal lines (LedgerJournalTrans) .

we did restart aos, full CIL, and any standard technical troubleshoot hoping it was a cache error or something like that. And we tried drop the table and inject it with the copied data. After doing some checking on table SystemSequences with table id 212 (ledgerJournalTrans), its nextVal RecId value record is already exist on that table.

reference for RecId on AX :

solution :
1. Stop the AOS
2. get the max recid from the table on SQL with:

select max(recId) from ledgerjournaltrans;

3. update the systemSequences table on SQL with:

update SYSTEMSEQUENCES set NEXTVAL = 'MAXRECID from table' where tabid= 'tableID'

4. restart AOS and run AX

Conclusion :
they did not doing some sort of AX Version upgrade that will impact whole data
and the main problem why the AX stored procedure on SQL returning next RecId value for the next record that already exist on the table remains a mystery.

Reference :

how to add custom DLL reference to resolve error “missing an assembly reference” on enterprise portal AX 2012

if you add custom DLL to your VS project. When you open up web page you will receive error “are you missing an assembly reference?”.

to resolve this issue.. just copy paste the custom dll to folder (Sharepoint Server) C:\inetpub\wwwroot\wss\VirtualDirectories\PORT_NUMBER\_app_bin .

do incremental CIL and reset IIS

Reset the IIS :