error .netModule not being present when build AX7 Project

Today, an error occured when i try to build my AX7 Project.

the solution is mentioned in the error, perform “full build” on the model.  , the build model menu located in “Dynamics AX” -> Build Models

and select the model that causing the error, then click build

reference :

Missing reference for “display method returning object” error when build form in AX7

Error example :
When build the project contains new custom form and datasource “CustInvoiceJour” , i encountered error missing module reference for EDT logisticsAddressing.


Solutions :
Find the object using search function, then you can see the model reference for that object. After that, update your model parameters and checklist the missing references.


The new model that my project referenced to is using Extension Model approach.

How to access AX 7 from other machine (preview VM Version : AX7 Update 1)

version : AX7 Update 1.
When we need multiple users to test the new AX7 , it’s imposible to ask everyone to run VM on their local because not everyone have the specs to run the VM. So what i do is to make AX7 available on local network so our team can test its new features.

Step by step how to do it :
1. Setup network Bridged Adapter on VM settings


2. setup your network ip on inside your VM,  (cmd : ipconfig /all on host machine to view ip config)

3. Edit your local host file on C:\Windows\System32\drivers\etc . add AX 7 VM IP and


4. Copy and install SSL certificate from VM to avoid HTTPS error when open the link. How to copy certificate : open IIS -> Website (AOSServiceDSC) -> Site Binding (on right pane) -> Edit Site Binding -> View SSL Certificate -> Details -> Copy to file .


5. install SSL certificate from VM to avoid HTTPS error when open the link. How to install certificate on the chrome.  url help link:—windows-using-chrome


6. Now open your browser, and open the ax 7 at url at , login using your credential, and voila !! done..


Hands on AX7 version CTP8 (Technical Preview)

Just got AX7 VM yesterday. I can’t say much due to the Microsoft Confidential Policy about this Tehnical Preview of AX7. But below is the screenshot of AX7. And i tried to develop a simple form on USR layer too.












how to access Technical Preview and all the presentation about AX7 from microsoft :

Hello AX 7 !!


AX7 is becoming hot topic on several technical groups forum. The most epic changes is AX7 development now using Visual Studio and not using MorphX like the previous version of AX.

AX7 Development code still using x++ , but the ways of the developing is similar to .NET application development. And now it doesn’t need direct connection to AOS service and all the source code is saved as XML file on the project folder. But it still have the same AX layers model architecture.



The UI itself is Metro Style and beautiful. It doesn’t looks like an ERP and more like some mobile apps style. and from what i saw on the introduction video from Microsoft, it is Web Based now and the AX AOS hosted on IIS.

Enterprise portal has been removed on AX7. I personnaly agree with that. Customization on enterprise portal has been very painful and not efficient, you need to incremental CIl, deploying more than 1 object. and sometimes need to restart IIS and AOS for just displaying updated webpage.

anyway, Hello AX7 !!. and welcome to hellodax as new category.

full links on introduction video :

source screenshot :