SUM with condition SSRS expression

using aggregate tablix example

=Sum(IIF(Fields!IsDisplay.Value = "Yes", Fields!AvailPhysical.Value, Nothing))

sum all data on a tablix example

=Sum(IIf(Fields!BankAName.Value = "Standard Chartered Bank"
    , Fields!Amount.Value
    , Nothing)
  , "DataSet1")

source :

Print SSRS Barcode in AX 2012

Hello there,
just working on project that need to print somekind of barcode label for Production’s Serial Number.

you need to convert your string to Barcode string :


public BarCodeString ShowBarcode(str _text)
  Barcode barcode;

  barcode = Barcode::construct(BarcodeType::Code128);
  barcode.string(true, _text);

  return barcode.barcodeStr();


then do this on Visual Studio 😀



result :


Happy DAXing !!